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A Decadent Luxury - Invest in yourself - YOU will represent YOU for a very long time! 
Flawless skin is everyone's goal & so many choices target the same problem so how do you choose?
Connect with us for a free consultation and we can help you get on a Fabulous Skin Journey!


Our professional Classic Facials are designed to make you look AND feel more...



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Marine Refresher:   $75        35 minutes

-nurturing & refreshing mini includes a mask

Skin Type:   all

Deep Ocean:   $119     60 minutes

-an excellent multi-step skin treatment to consider when you just need a good cleanout of

your pores, extractions included

Skin Type:   Oily, Combo & Acne prone

Classic Sea:   $119                  60 minutes

-hydrating & relaxing classic & extractions if necessary -  facial massage included

Skin Type:   all

Seven Seas:   $119                 60 minutes

-our Classic, but this CUSTOM treatment targets our more Mature skin types, with a careful selection of ingredients to refresh, nourish & strengthen while creating considerable hydration 

Skin Type:   dry, dehydrated, mature

Seaside Serenity:   $189     105 minutes

-foot scrub, paraffin, extended massage, lymph drainage, scalp massage Pure Serenity

Skin Type:   all

Back Facial:  $145                 45 minutes

-let us treat the hardest area on the body to reach (ADD ON 15 min back massage $15)

          advanced clinical

Outer Beauty & Inner Peace

Everyone deserves to be happy in their own skin 


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MDA     $179   

-Biobrasion, an advanced technology designed to redfine an improved form of microdermabrasion, one of the most effective forms of skin exfoliation systems on the market resulting in instant improvement Refresh your beautiful face today!

Post Treatment Kit incl

MICRONEEDLE     $200 and up     

-Stem Cell Facial to promote the regeneration of skin cells meaning your skin appears naturally younger & more beautiful from the inside out, without the downtime that would accompany more invasive procedures. This facial also treats a variety of skin conditions such as Scarring, Enlarged Pores, Stretch Marks & Wrinkles. Help improve the appearance & texture of your skin today!

Post Treatment Kit incl


-Chemical peels are a cosmetic treatment that removes the top layers of your skin. This can help minimize wrinkles, dullness, hyperpigmentation, and scarring    

Post Treatment Kit incl.

CRYOTHERAPY       $ please contact     

-using the gold standard for removal, as your Certified and Trained Technician, we will safely, precisely and comfortably with cryotherapy, remove benign lesions including: Sunspots, Skin Tags, Warts, Milia, Seborrheic Keratosis and more! A controlled & non-invasive treatment

anti aging

Advanced Facial treatments to help 

unleash your skin's mythical beauty

To get the very best results a package is recommended because each treatment builds upon the last



white oceans.jpg

Mermaid:  75 min   -   3pk SAVE 10%

-custom anti-aging facial service with LED light therapy to wake up tired skin. Lets help defy the visible effects of gravity - restoring the look of firmness and volume to the face~incorporating luxurious, modernized clinical grade skincare ingredients

single treatment: $149

Ocean Goddess: 90 min   -   5pk SAVE!!

An alternative to injectable fillers 

-turn back the clock & repair the marks that time leaves on the skin using 4D technology which mimics the effects of mesotherapy without using any dermal injections ~ This treatment can give unbelievable results increasing your collagen production by up to 382% over a 4 week period! 

single treatment: $179    **NEW**

Ocean Eyes: 60 min   -    5pk SAVE!!

Premium Eye Facial (an alternative to an eye lift) based on high-end technology, targeting wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness & expression lines by activating & reinforcing the natural function of cells in the eye contour area with the action of powerful peptides & a strong cocktail of new generation of antioxidants!

single treatment: $149    **NEW**   

               photo facials

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the medical grade device approved by Health Canada to provide a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments with minimal downtime


white oceans.jpg


-there isn't a cure but a treatment to help you manage: IPL - a fast & effective way of treating redness and visible blood vessels on the face


-an extremely advanced way to eliminate pigmentation, age spots and unwanted freckles


-more and more doctors are recommending IPL photofacials for clients with severe acne or acne scarring

full face IPL $175

or Buy 4 Get 1


Just as no 2 people are the same, no 2 skin types are the same & definitely no 2 results are the same.
Different facial treatments offer different results

Do know,  you are investing in a facial of Good Quality and that a quality home care routine is
Essential for boosting the life of your facial!

And lastly, rest assured, you are in great hands with your
Fully Certified Professional here at Seaside Spa    XO


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