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tinting, lashes                            $30

Lash Tinting can yield AMAZING results - darker & more visible lashes without the need or use of mascara, lasting up to 4 weeks! You'll wake each morning with picture-perfect eyelashes


brow lamination                       $60

A perm for your brows? STOP THE MADNESS!

A safe treatment to get your brows looking THICKER and FULLER, naturally. It's a more affordable option compared to other brow treatments, such as microblading, with immediate results! Brow hairs stay brushed up and lifted for 4- 6 weeks


choose your combination

TINT:          Brows & Lashes $42     

                   (+ Brow Wax add $10)

LIFT:          Lash Lift & Lash Tint $90 

                  (+ Brow Tint or Brow wax add each $10)

LAMINATION:    & brow Tint  $75



tinting, brows                             $20

Who knew smoothing a semi-permanent color over our brows could define them so much? 

Tinting enhances your brows, giving your brows a more natural look (versus using a makeup pencil to fill)

tinting blonde brow_edited_edited.jpg

lash lift                                           $75

Throw away your lash curler and mascara & save time in your morning rituals

A LASH LIFT, unlike lash extensions, are about ENHANCING what you already have and can last4-6 weeks depending on your lash cycle

Dramatic lashes are very appealing, eye-catching and SEXY!

lash lift_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Intense tinting, brows                             $69

A NEW tinting (vegan) system to create impactful EYEBROWS with exceptionally dark shades for striking & eye-catching looks, creating FULLER looking brows with a customized make-up effect, standing as a natural looking alternative to permanent make-up or microblading, lasting up to 8 weeks! Beautiful eyebrows no longer have to hide --- Includes shaping! 

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