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Exclusive custom packages

Mermaid Life                                 120min

A Calming Hot Stone back massage will help you unwind & melt away your tensions, your stress....letting go.....

We continue this Wellness Journey with a marine rich whole body Seaweed Wrap, resting your body &  your mind as you drift into oblivion...

Embodying this Thalassotherapy ritual, we incorporate a wholesome Facial with Organic Seaweeds, Organic Ocean Mud and a cocktail of Organic Seaweed Elixir™  to strengthen the skin’s elasticity...

Finally in closure, we help increase the production of serotonin and increase your mood with a Scalp Massage


 1 person   $280      

 2 persons $529

beachouse                                      140 min

We've gathered our mini services into this Beach House package, tailored to suit your personal needs

Starting with a 30 min Swedish massage, this express package was created with YOU in mind - when your body just needs that little bit more of Nurture and Care

​also included: 

mini Pedi, mini Mani & mini Facial 


 1 person    $204   

 2 persons  $405     

Seaside Thalassotherapy       105min

Lets start with an exfoliating deep Body Scrub for the whole body to stimulate circulation and detoxification - an important step in maintaining glowing skin. We then restore the skin to a hydrated and rejuvenated state infusing the body with a nutrient-rich lotion, containing 80% seaweed


Diving right in, we indulge with a Seaweed Facial, to restore the natural PH & hydration with an antioxidant, vitamin & mineral rich boost to the skin


Ending this wholesome spa ritual, we apply a slow, comforting foot/lower leg Massage


 1 person    $214    

 2 persons  $418    

what clients are saying:

That was such a great day!! Treatments and location are top notch! Can't wait to
come again!!
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