Come play for 2.5 hrs at Seaside SPA & see what it's like being  pampered as a Mermaid.
Starting with a Calming hot stone back massage will help you unwind & melt away your tensions, your stress....letting go.....
We continue this Wellness journey with a Marine rich whole body Seaweed Wrap, resting your body &  your mind as you drift into oblivion ...
Embodying this Thalassotherapy ritual, we incorporate a wholesome facial with Organic Seaweeds, Organic Ocean Mud and a cocktail of Seaflora's Organic Seaweed Elixir™  to strengthen the skin’s elasticity.
Finally in closure, we help increase the production of serotonin and increase your mood with a Scalp Massage
Enjoy this ultimate  
SPA experience
Book your "Mermaid Life" today!
$199 single (save $51) 
$375 double (save $125)