Below are some Packages put together we KNOW you will enjoy!

Saving you 10 - 15%



M O S T    P O P U L A R ! !

Come play for couple of hrs at Seaside SPA & see what it's like being  pampered as a Mermaid.

Starting with a Calming hot stone back massage will help you unwind & melt away your tensions, your stress....letting go.....

We continue this Wellness journey with a Marine rich whole body Seaweed Wrap, resting your body &  your mind as you drift into oblivion ...

Embodying this Thalassotherapy ritual, we incorporate a wholesome facial with Organic Seaweeds, Organic Ocean Mud and a cocktail of Seaflora's Organic Seaweed Elixir™  to strengthen the skin’s elasticity.

Finally in closure, we help increase the production of serotonin and increase your mood with a Scalp Massage


Enjoy this 2-hr Journey &

Book your "Mermaid Life" today!

$295 single

$529 double ( same time)




“The sea cures all ailments of man.” – Plato

Lets start with an exfoliating deep scrub for the whole body to stimulate circulation and detoxification-an important step in maintaining glowing skin. We then restore the skin to a hydrated and rejuvenated state infusing the body with a nutrient-rich lotion, containing 80% seaweed


Diving right in, we indulge with a seaweed facial, to restore the natural PH & hydration with an antioxidant, vitamin & mineral rich boost to the skin


Ending this wholesome spa ritual, we treat your overworked feet with our electric file to further soften the soles and apply a slow, comforting foot/lower leg massage



Enjoy this ultimate  

SPA experience

approx. 90-120 min

Recommended for Everyone!

But mainly for those suffering from stress, burnout, exhaustion, heart and blood vessel issues, rheumatic pains, skin problems. boosting the immune system, improving overall well-being and for the replacement of trace elements in the body


the BEACHOUSE - $295


We've gathered our most popular services into this Beachouse package, tailored to suit your personal needs

When your body just needs that little bit more of Nurture and Care

  This express Head-to-Toe package was created with YOU in mind:

Full Body Salt Scrub ** Full Body Massage ** Facial (cleanse, exfoliate, mask, moisturize)


90 minutes of REST & RENEWAL


the LIGHTHOUSE - $114


A Fun package with a Fun name

..a little 'in between' maintenance type package if you will...

CHOOSE any  2: 

brow wax * underarm wax * lip wax * brow tint


Marine Refresher Facial & Ocean Express Pedicure