Hands & Feet work hard every day and get neglected ...time to show some love 


The grooming includes a basic soak, nail & cuticle care to promote healthy nails, followed by a regular polish application

Whichever service your feet deserve, a sense of well being is to be had as you recline back & take in the breathtaking ocean view;
Our environment is of a tranquil setting


OCEAN EXPRESS - $40  30 min

A quick fix to happy feet when you don't have time for more pampering

WEST COAST  -  $60  60 min

START with a soothing Sea Kelp soak along with a Seaweed chamois; followed with an organic Ocean Mud scrub to help soften the soles & a massage for increased circulation & stimulation - relieves muscle fatigue

SEASIDE SPA - $99  120 min

Our West coast with the addition of a nourishing Seaweed Wrap and Hot Paraffin to soften the feet PLUS an extended Massage with Hot Stones to relax and ease tense muscles. Your feet have carried you for your whole life...surely they deserve a little T.L.C. once in a while

This Thalassotherapy service is great for tired, achy legs.

Beneficial to those suffering from varicose veins and the paraffin heat treatment can be enormously helpful for relieving joint pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. 

take in the breathtaking ocean view

OCEAN EXPRESS - $35  30 min

A quick fix when you don't have time for more pampering

WEST COAST  -  $45  60 min

This Classic Manicure service also includes a massage with our Sea Silk oil blend ~ skin is radiant and hydrated

SEASIDE SPA - $65  90 min

A Seaflora Deluxe Exfoliating/Renewing Manicure

Starting with an oil-free Seaweed Body Polish Exfoliation; hands and arms are always being exposed, just from our day-to-day activities can leave them dry and dull;

Dead cells will be buffed away to smooth and revitalize the look of your skin

We will then apply a nourishing Seaweed Wrap and top off with a scalp massage!

We finish with a hydrating hand/arm massage before the polish application

This is a perfect time for a Paraffin ADD-ON ($) to help soften the hands even more and, the paraffin heat treatment can be enormously helpful for relieving joint pain and joint stiffness caused by arthritis. 

gel polish mani:
  •  $ 55 

A stunning long lasting crystal shine, 10 day wear and zero drying time!

  • Full Sculpt or Tips

 New set    $45 +

Fill             $35 +

Removal   $30

Beautiful artificial nail enhancement. Choose a more natural look or painted french look with desired shape & length or keep it Classy and adorn your natural nails with a French Tip Gel overlay...whatever your choice - your nails will be STUNNING! Don't forget, you can also rock your new nails with nail ART or try out our  BLING!


french polish                      add $10

gel polish                            add $20

gel polish removal only     add $16  

paraffin dip                         add $10

nail art                                 various $


         Just Regular Polish Removal & Application  $20 (hands or feet)

mani pedi pic.jpg