for time-saving beauty tricks: 


Your eyes are gorgeous, and your lashes too.


But imagine what professional eyelash tinting and eyebrow tinting will do for the depth and colour of your eyes and the definition of your face.

And if you simply can’t stay out of the water, imagine not needing mascara!


Eyelash tinting involves carefully dying the lashes with safe, natural tints, to give them a natural, luscious, darker appearance. Different eyelash and eyebrow tint colours (including blues, browns, blacks) are available so we can complement your skin and hair colouring perfectly!


Takes about 20 minutes – and can last  up to 4 weeks!

Brows  $16                      Lashes  $22    

Brows & Lashes    $32


Stop the MADNESS & up your EYELASH game!

LASH LIFT & TINT    $80                                                              add on a Brow Tint for only $10 more!

Throw away your lash curler and mascara & save time in your morning rituals.

Dramatic lashes are very appealing, eye-catching and SEXY!

A lift, unlike lash extensions, are about ENHANCING what you already have!

can last up to 8 weeks!

Lash Lift only - $65

Not a service for you if:

the obvious: *eye infections *eye disorders *allergies/sensitive skin (come for patch test 24 hrs before)

*medication (thyroxin) *pregnancy (1st trimester)