$139 - 60-75 minutes

How about a 'facial' for your body? Because just like the face, the body needs exfoliation too!

These popular (Organic) full body treatments help slough off dead skin, boost circulation and help drain your lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface while exfoliating and hydrating your skin


We use organic seaweed and ocean mud from our westcoast - the great Salish Sea; rich in vitamins & minerals. This service is completed with a nourishing Seaweed Body Gel that is packed with over 80% seaweed that is gently massaged in, ultimate HYDRATION

SUGAR SCRUBS:         A natural sugar scrub suspended in certified organic oils with a blend of precious Argan, Olive, Jojoba                                            and Spearmint oils that will leave your skin velvety soft and glowing,  2 choices:

Lavender + Mint  CALMING & MOISTURIZING             

incredibly healing to the mind & body, relieving stress and anxiety for a relaxing experience

Lemongrass + Green Tea  PURIFYING     

helps to eliminate toxins and bacteria from the skin and the Green Tea helps to reduce inflammation and redness

We finish this Sugar Scrub service massaging in with same matching cream that is formulated with certified organic ingredients such as Argan Oil from Morocco, Olive Oil, Kelp Extract and Lemon Fruit Extract, Our massage cream is loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins for healthy skin



$145 - 90 minutes

Begins with a gentle full body exfoliation using a dry brush, removing dead cells and increasing your body's circulation. Slathered with a full body mask then wrapped to keep you warm. Let go completely

as you float almost weightlessly in a cocoon while helping rid body of toxins...ends with an application of pure silky smoothness!

Pure comfort & relaxation - Experience a Wrap today!

Our Wraps are accompanied by a cleansing facial

SEAWEED: detoxifying

restoring your energy level and infusing the skin with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, while promoting detoxification. You’ll feel like you’ve just had a relaxing day at the beach!


ALGAE & GRAPE: antioxidant, oxygenating

The combination of Algae and Grape permits a slenderizing action due to the seaweed and an anti-ageing action due to the Red Grape.

Elasticity - Anti-ageing - Free Radicals - Refines Curves.